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TAG Models 

Proprietary investment models are built by TAG advisors for TAG advisors. Our vision is to create a transparent, low-cost and efficient investment strategy while maintaining the highest quality of management and oversight. The models are constructed with a pure methodology and repeatable process.

Client Centered

TAG manages all trading and rebalancing after the initial trade is done by the advisor, freeing up much needed time for those advisors using the models to focus on their business and clients.


The TAG Managed Model Team (MMT) built 13 models covering 5 different investment philosophies. Each philosophy covers the risk tolerance spectrum from Aggressive Growth to Income.  Each month the MMT reviews and provides due diligence on all models using our fiduciary resource tools. We provide commentary, allocation, and fund changes on a quarterly basis. The MMT consists of Mike Savolt, Chase VandeYacht, Bryan Grant, Dominic Reinerio, Jon Kroening, George Miller, David DeMore, Justin Weber, Adam Katch and Logan Nienhaus.

Investment Process

Client Centered

Portfolio allocation changes are based on the current economic and investment environment.  Other areas considered in investment selection are based upon Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) statistics and advice from top institutional money managers including JP Morgan, BlackRock, and Fidelity. TAG MMT uses industry leading technology to screen, monitor, and implement our models in a prudent investment process. This gives the MMT an unbiased approach to constructing top-tier strategies with a repeatable process of adding and removing individual investments. Each model uses a preset objective and target allocation. Blended benchmarks are used to evaluate performance and risk. These tools allow TAG MMT to provide analytic and dynamic monthly reports of the models.